Tuesday, May 12, 2009

beautiful friend Varsha Jagdish from Calcutta. Varsha tells that this snap was taken when she was gone for sopping. She tells that I am crazy about shopping and go every second for shopping. Varsha tells that Calcutta can be described as a shopping paradise for them who really want to get value for their money. Every market, which has a crowded and dusty look, has its own history and specializes in something exotic and unique to others.

Varsha says that Calcutta’s oldest and most renowned municipal market, offers one of the widest ranges of goods. Recently, a new complex has been added on Bertram Street to house the partially burnt-out section of the market. The market offers leather goods, plastic toys, fancy silverware, jewelry, garments, fabric, confectionery, clothing, dry fruits, poultry products, fish, meat, flowers, etc. Well Varsha thanks for providing useful information about your city. Please keep sending your photos.


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