Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Naveen Zara From Karachi

Dear friends this photo was sent to us by Naveen Zara from Karachi . Naveen tells that this snap was captured when she was attending the Henna (Mehndi) ceremony of her cousin Sophia. Naveen wants to tell about Mehndi designs and ceremony of Pakistani weddings to our readers. She tells that there are very intricate designs that are painted on the hands and feet of women in Pakistan with Henna. This tattooing is a way to beautify the woman for a special occasion which is mostly her wedding. There is a special phase in the wedding ceremony, called the Mehndi which spreads over two full days. One day is when the groom applies Henna to his hands and feet – though this more symbolical than beautifying; and the second day at bride’s house when it is applied not only to her but all her friends as well.

The bride gets her hands and feet done with intricate designs - hands are usually drawn upon until the elbow and feet up to the calf muscles. This is a fun time for all the young unmarried girl friends of the bride.


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