Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anisha Bhaskar is our cute friend from Jaipur India. She tells that her drawing skills were very good during her childhood. So Anisha start learning about painting when she was in 8th. Anisha’s paintings have won many painting art contests. Today she wants to give some basic tips about painting art to our those readers who take interest in this art.

Anisha tells that If you learn to use the correct colors and shadowing techniques on your finished drawing you should do fine. First, you should start with an accurate drawing of the subject you plan on painting. Some artist use the grid method, while others free hand the initial drawing. One hint that you need to take to heart is this; if you don’t have an accurate drawing, do not attempt to paint the person. You more than likely will not achieve a likeness if you don’t have a likeness first in pencil.


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