Monday, May 18, 2009

Since you called my response petty, allow me to say this… your entire article was nothing but an internalization of patriarchy which oozed out every single word you wrote. Tell me why is the Turkish headscarf- who you referred to self righteously as being more deserving of attention- some how less representative of patriarchy?

You know full well that you article was crap .. check out the picture on my women’s day post for example… so at the very least your claim that PTH promotes just one kind of woman is just a lie and you know it. But then again objectivity, honesty etc are not your top priorities.

If anything PTH has not defined anything in the framework of veiled v. high heels… only a dishonest crook will claim that. The real problem you have is with your own confusion vis a vis sexuality, gender image etc… now I support your right to be anything you want boy… but you should have the humanity to learn to tolerate the fact that it is the women who own their bodies and they have the right to wear whatever they want not you and I.

Ok? Kapeesh? And yes this article is not about women’s liberation etc… but it is not about commercialism either. It is about putting little Mullahs like you in your place.


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