Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Naima Naeem a student of 3rd year from Rawalpindi is standing in a girl’s school garden in Sawat. The photo was taken last week when she went Sawat to meet her best friend. Naima wants to share her feelings and views about current circumstances of Sawat. She tells that Sawat is one of beautiful places in Pakistan. The lush-green valley of Swat, with its rushing torrents, icy-cold lakes, fruit-laden orchards and flower-decked slopes is an ideal place for holiday-makers who intent to relax and enjoy the fruits of nature.

But now what’s going on in Sawat Valley and who will stop this all? Despite the curfew every day we hear that one or more school been destroyed in Sawat area. And girls are especially told not to go to school or they can lose their lives. Teachers are scared to teach. And security men are threatened and lose their lives. Then question comes to mind, who will protect their right to get educated? And open up their minds so they will raise people who will not be easy prey to extremist and violent groups. We all know that how vital it is to educate women for development process. Things gradually changed regarding women education and rights in rest of the Pakistan, but this reverse trend in Sawat is a drastic down fall. Well Naima thank you very much for sending photo and sharing your beautiful thoughts, we want to say just one thing to you that whole Nation feels for people of Sawat and hate to see heavenly beauty brutally destroyed.


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