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Davidson tattoos

You want to be sure that you love the final design since you'll have a permanent reminder of it. Take your time in deciding on the tattoo design that you want and look through as many examples of the theme you want as you can find for ideas.

Harley Davidson tattoos make a great choice for those who embrace the biking culture or who own their own Harley. Think about the instant recognition that the logo gets, showing off your own bike, or creating a one of a kind look that incorporates the logo or other related items. Once you've got it, show it off at tattoo contests during events like the Harley Rendezvous Classic or Sturgis Bike Rally.

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So I was in downtown Ottawa on Canada Day, wearing my oversized maple leaf hat and cape, and generally enjoying the celebration of independence from the British.

This year marks the 140th anniversary of the creation of what ultimately became the country of Canada (in 1946 it ceased to formally be refered to as a dominion, then the Canada Act of 1982 created the Charter of Rights and Freedoms - the Canadian Constitution - and finally removed the British cup-of-tea parliament from the day to day operation of the country. This year is also the 150th anniversay of the creation of the Rideau Canal, a strategic waterway prior to its use for recreational and winter touristic skating activity. I enjoyed being downtown for this celebration of independence from the British, and enjoyed the fireworks also.


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UK Hot Pakistani Girls

Mela is a famous festival held in many cities of the UK. In every summer people come together to enjoy and celebrate the South Asian cultural heritage. Like London and Manchester, the Bradford’s Pakistani community also holds various melas every summer. These melas are of great importance especially for the younger generation as they make them familiar with their cultural background. Desi food, traditional dresses, jewellery and desi music, distinguish the festival from any other party or gathering held in UK.

Here are some pictures of Bradford mela, where girls are enjoying and also remembering their homeland, as we can see girls wearing Pakistani flag.

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Yasmeen is one of our beautiful but regular readers from Kashmir. She has sent her photo through our contact form. Sonia tells that it is her first ever chance when she is sending her photo somewhere. She tells that the most charming part of is its comments box and now when she has sent her photo for publication, she is waiting for some spicy and hot comments about herself. Well Yasmeen, thanks for sending us your photo we sure that you will soon find hundreds of comments about you absolutely same as you are waiting for.

Hot UK Girl Sabahat Picture

Gender: Female
Age: 23 Years
Location: UK
Smoking: No
Drinking: No

United Kingdom Girl Gazala

Today We Are Publish Hot United Kingdom Girl Gazala Tanveer Pictures Friends now see an outstanding gale from England Gazala Tanveer short name (Ghufi). She is very talented babe really; she says “ I am a girl leaving in present doing college and also a squash player too. I like to make new friends all around the world especially from India & Pakistan, no sexy chat may be or may not be. Do not wait, just make comment add me and I will promise that I wont make you to feel bore.

Arjomand is our regular reader and belong to UK (United Kingdom). She writes that “I am a type of babe who don’t want crowded I prefer to stay in a quiet place but when I am in a party mood I enjoy being around with lots party peeps. And If you were just a stranger on the street and happened to notice me walking by you’d see that I am the type of girl who keeps to herself and quickly walks past groups of people without making any eye contact what so ever. This doesn’t mean I hate everyone or that I am a loner. It simply means that I am a little shy sometimes and I don’t know what to make of some people.

Yes I like to make friends but who appreciate my feelings. If you interested and want to make friendship with me write in comments bucket and wait for my response.

Pakistani Girls Tips

We’re going to be publishing pictures of the most beautiful Pakistani girls every month. is dedicated to bringing you quality information about the lives and activities of prominent young female citizens of Pakistan.

A lot has been said about the legendary beauty of Pakistani girls. Even Indian guys usually think of Pakistani girls when they speak of South Asian beauty. But why is that?

Pakistani girls, especially those from the Indus valley (that’s Punjab, Sindh and Hazara), have a wheatish or olive complexion that is usually considered very sexy by most men around the world.

The girls of western Pakistan (NWFP and Baluchistan), on the other hand, have a distinctly middle Eastern look about them taht is again a unique feature in South Asia. These unique looks are partly to account for the increasing popularity of Pakistani girls among the world’s men, especially those of South Asia.

When Zeba Bakhtiar appeared in Indian movies in the late 1980s, South Asia saw what a beautiful Pakistani woman could do. The power of Pakistani girls to captivate hearts and minds will never cease to amaze.

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Hot Pakistani Model Girl Image

LAHORE: After Meera, its now the turn of a Pakistani model to star in a Bollywood flick.

Mehreen Syed, a fashion model, who was recently crowned 'International Model of the Year' at a competition held here, has been reportedly signed up by filmmaker Shashi Ranjan to star in an Indian flick.

Mehreen, who recently returned from India, said that she had met the director-producer and agreed to work on a couple of projects with him, which include a movie and a song video.

"I have agreed to work on a couple of projects with him. These include a movie and a song video," she was quoted as saying.

Mehreen, won the 'International Model of the Year Award' last month in a competition contested by models from India, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Hungry, Philippines, Romania, Italy, Australia, Belgium, South Africa, Kenya and Bulgaria, reports the Daily Times.

"It is a great honour to be crowned. I think it was my confident catwalk that swayed the judges. I am the first Pakistani model to have appeared on the title of popular Middle East fashion magazine Alamra. I have also walked the ramp in London, Dubai and Muscat," she added.

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